Vision support for HSL or HSB colour spaces?

If I try to use HSL or HSB colour defs in Vision, the values are treated as RGB.
e.g. HSL(30,50,50) isn’t orange as it should be, it’s treated as RGB(30,50,50). This is actually the same as Perspective at the moment if you try to use HSL for a perspective colour. If you use HSL in a theme’s CSS though, it works correctly.

Where/how are you passing these colors in, exactly? The popup color property editor I would expect to actually allow HSL properly, but it wouldn’t surprise me if some string → color parsing or function/expression did things poorly.

Passing in using string client tags as bindings for Vision. For Perspective, just typing hsl(0, 0%, 0%) into the colour value

For Vision I wouldn’t expect it to work, our string → Java Color class parsing is pretty simple:

     * Tries to parse a Color from the given string. First it looks to see if the string is a named color in the
     * NAMED_COLORS map. Then it tries to parse it as a web-style hex color, then it looks for RGB[A] values. If all of
     * these attempts fail, a ClassCastException is thrown.

I’d say an ideas post is reasonable. As a workaround, a Color type column in a dataset client tag should be preserved faithfully? Or preconvert the HSL → RGB before you store in the client tag. Not ideal, obviously… Our system is very much designed around RGB.

For Perspective, I’m not really sure what’s wrong - as far as I understand it, the given text should be directly passed out to the CSS generation, but I could be wrong.