Vision Swap Window Scaling Template

Each time I swap from and then back to a window it’s scaling my templates for some reason.

I have the attached pump template used on a main window. (10.3 KB)

Each template’s layout is Relative, maintain aspect ratio, scale font.

Using the buttons’ built-in actionPerformed script to swap to a different screen and every time I swap back the template has changed:




Each time I save and push updates to the project the template gets fixed, but the same behavior exists.

A temporary workaround is to not cache the window and force the templates to reload each time, but that’s not ideal.

Not quite sure why swapping windows was scaling the template. Probably just a weird side-effect from the how Ignition handles layouts of SVGs.

This was my solution:
Ended up making my own copy of the pump template with ports and supports in all of the locations (and an extra “status” circle on the top layer) using Inkscape. Then, after adding the SVG to the template, bind template parameters to the visible properties of each corresponding port/base SVG in the group and add style customizations/animations to the status circle.