Vision table set new value in cell

Hi guys,

I tried to insert a row in the dataset when the button click. In my case row was inserted successfully in the database but at times only insert a single cell.

I have tried to set new values in multiple cells and then insert rows in the database using a button click but I'm not able to set multiple cell new values.

any idea?

Below is the script used in table propertyChange:

if event.propertyName == 'selectedRow':
	dsData =
	row = event.source.selectedRow
	col = event.source.selectedColumn
	newValue = event.newValue
	if row != -1 and col != -1:
		newData = system.dataset.setValue(dsData,row, col,newValue) = newData

Thanks in advance!!

system.dataset.addRow or system.dataset.addRows should work for you create a list of parameters you would like to update provide dataset name row index and list of values. Pass these as parameters check in manual for reference.

@Ashish_Narula Thanks for your response.

Resolved my problem using polling mode.