Vision text field Defer Updates

Quick question, I have a Vision text field to search a database. I hoping to use the text field as I type it will search as a go. So I think I should disable the Defer Updates. When I did, the typing text was backwards. It seemed that it keeps the cursor at the begin to the text field as you type. Is this a bug? Or did i do something wrong?

I think this is because you have a bidirectional tag binding on that Text Field component.
So as you type the keystrokes are written to the tag, then whenever the binding executes, it’s placing the cursor at the beginning of the text which may seem like a bug but I think this is the design intent.

EDIT: Could also be a bidirectional binding to another component.

Thanks for the input. I changed the binding on the text field, but now it not even updating the tag. The only thing I have used on two different text field on different windows and in another tags expression. Thanks for the help I’m going to keep trying to get it.