Vision - unable to find what component is causing error


Anybody have an idea how to locate an error like this in Vision. I know the windows where the error is but which component is causing it has been a challenge. Thanks

Looks like the name property to me, but that's just a guess based on the error you show. Do you know what component would have a binding or script writing to that property?

Perhaps save a copy of the window, and then divide the window into section, where you delete a section at a time and look for the error to disappear. Then once you narrow down a section, divide that section into smaller parts or just peek at each component until you find it.

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What version of Ignition are you using?

The version is 8.1.37.

I started doing that, although a bit slow. This how I found out which windows was causing the message to pop up.

When I've seen this problem, it has always been caused by a binding on the Name property. Expand all containers in the project browser, and then, starting at the window and root container levels, quickly click down through everything while looking at the Name property in the Vision Property Editor.

If the name property looks like this:

...then check the binding to see if it could be inserting an invalid or null character at run time.

Fixed that for you. Binding to control a component's name should never have been allowed by the platform. It breaks in a variety of ways. Name must be the driver of any automation, not the target of it.

It looks like the issue was due to me typing a number as the name of the component.

Thanks all for the reply.