Vision Upgradation Error

vision troubleshoot
we are trying to upgrade the vision client launcher application to the available new version(snap attached for reference) when we click on the upgrade now it is showing the error box
"gateway could not be reached or was inactive" but if we clicked on remind me later then the vision is opening.kindly suggest what is happening ,

after clicking ok to the error box it is redirecting us to the gateway page. but we have already have a gateway page opened and which is logged in, but still the error box is taking us to the gateway page which is not logged in.i don't have any idea how to solve this. please help.

Thank you

It means your home page on that gateway requires auth, which is not default. A default gateway allows anyone to download launchers.

Thank you sir but authentication means admin rights ?

I have logged in to the gateway and tried upgrading the vision but still facing the same issue.

Thank you ,

I think you need support looking over your shoulder. It isn't obvious what might be going wrong.

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