Vision Web Browser component printing?

I am trying to determine how to use the getBrowser() function and use the object it returns.
I am struggling to find info on this. Here is what I have tried:

htmlview = event.source.parent.getComponent('HtmlProgramView') #.startingHtml
browser = htmlview.getBrowser()
print str(browser.print)
print repr(browser.print)
browser.print(browser.frame) # looking for FrameID of some sort

The component is a Vision Web Browser. It has an API for accessing this object that I do not understand.

The print function seems to want some sort of frame id, but I don’t know how to get that. Ideally I would like to have an option to print to pdf or a printer.

Component API

I have changed my mind. The more I look into this the more messy it gets. I wanted a much higher level just print this function. The interface looks fairly low level. I am going to opt to save the html data to a file and they can open and print it themselves from another browser.

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This document covers it, but translating Java 8+ code with lambdas and type inference to Jython is fairly annoying.

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