visionWindowOpened Event

The description of this event says it fires once when a vision window is opened before any bindings are evaluated. What bindings? Does this mean any bindings attached to the components? I want to use this event to process the window parameters and need to make sure those are filled when this event fires. I am going to guess that when this fires, the window parameters have been filled since they are coming from whatever askedthe window to open.

I would like to know this too....I have a window that needs to run a one time query on opening based on a custom property (tag path) passed to the window. It's not working for Openwindow or FrameReference scripts. Works fine from a button on the window.

Have you tried the open window or frame reference scripts in an actual launched session, or are you still testing them from the designer?

Actual client. I was able to resolve it, using the system.gui references instead of the property references on the window itself.