Visualisation based on bits in OPC byte

Hi, I’m new at Ignition and I need help.

I have OPC tag, a byte, that has 8 bits of status values.
This OPC server doesn’t support bit type.

So let’s say that this 8 bits are status for a pump:

bit 1 - error 1
bit 2 - error 2

I want to place text on the window “Pump 1 error 4”, and only use visibility property, so for example when bit 4 is “1”, this text is visible.

So my problem is that when I use visibility, I can only select the whole byte, and if any bit is “1” this text is visible.

So, i want to use bits in byte tag to trigger properties of visual objects.

How to do that in Ignition? Script maybe?

You could make 8 expression tags in Ignition and use the getBit() expression function to get each of the bits.

Thanks, I found that solution also on Inductive University: Expression Binding – Bit Functions video.

I’m working few hours with Ignition and I have working Siemens PLC, with trends, alarms.
Really great after all those huge SCADAs like WinCC(installing WinCC takes longer:) ).