Visualization issue

I have a template I’m using with an object in the template that has bindings to Width, Height, Angle.

When I drop this on my screen and change Height and rotation the image looks fine until I go into run mode and it distorts


anyone have suggestions, thanks

Scripts don’t run in design mode. Your assignments are creating the distortion (along with whatever funkiness is going on with rotation of shapes).

Also, propertyChange events should never have code that is outside of an if statement that picks out the property name you want to act upon.

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Yes, chances are you’ll see the same thing in preview mode in Designer. And definitely filter for the property you’re looking for. Consider putting custom properties on the component with the property change script, binding them to ‘Base’ component’s relHeight and relWidth, and then filtering for these properties, something like:

if event.propertyName in ['baseHeight', 'baseWidth']
	// Do stuff.