VLC Bindings

See: wiki.videolan.org/Python_bindings

Can I make use of these bindings in my Ignition project?

No, unfortunately that Python module requires Python >= 2.5 and we include Python 2.1 in Ignition. We do have plans on upgrading our Python distribution but don’t have an exact timeline for it.

No thats for CPython, not Jython. The wrinkle here is that basically all video solutions are written in native code (C or C++ typically). This makes it hard to integrate them with Java, which is cross-platform. You have to use a JNI binding.

The best hope for something like this is Xuggle, which binds the [tt]ffmpeg[/tt] video library through JNI into Java. We’ve considered making a module out of or something, but haven’t had the demand or time. Its tricky to do though - each client would have to have the ffmpeg libraries installed - we can’t push that sort of thing out through Java Web Start like a normal module. That sort of breaks our whole client distribution model…