VMWare and Ignition

I am wondering if anyone has setup the VMWare application monitoring. It seems to be a new feature in VMWare 7.0.

Thank you in advance

You might want to edit your post to explain the relevance to Ignition (and why you’ve asked here rather than on VMware’s forum).

They’re probably wondering there are any exposed metrics endpoints that could collect application-specific health and/or performance data–think similarly to where you might use a tool like Telegraf to pull MySQL application metrics (in addition to generic OS metrics like CPU/Memory/Network/Disk/etc) and push to something like InfluxDB hooked up to Grafana.

The linked docs don’t give much information on what kind of health check probes can be configured in this setup, but if you can configure it to do HTTP polls, you could hit the StatusPing endpoint and parse the simple object there to look at whether state is RUNNING or FAULTED, etc (and whether it responds at all of course). While not detailed, this will at least give you that first indication.

2022-06-25 at 5.02 PM

Thank you very much, I will have to look more when we are getting ready to do this. I appreciate the answer.

stuartd I'm wondering if you figured this out or went the route of configuring a customer alarm to restart the VM if Ignition (zulu platform) stops?

Looking to do this as well.

Transistor this is a relevant question to Ignition because OP is asking if he can utilize VMware's ability to do "Application Monitoring" which relies on an SDK to function.

Sorry, gave up on this route because the client didn't want to rely on it. Decided with Ignitions redundancy .

Yes, that was the goal originally to see if someone had done it for monitoring the ignition application specifically.