VMware ESXi

For those with some serve rleve lhardware looking at getting their feet wet with bare-metal hypervisor virtualization, VMware just releases VMWare ESXi for free. It can easily upgrade to their enterprise level VI architechure

vmware.com/tryvmware/login. … l=esxi&t=1

Also, Sun will be releasing xVM Server soon as well, which is another bare-metal solution based off of XEN. It looks promising.

Awesome! ESXi’s the bomb! I’m trying to get to the VMWare official training this year.

Yeah ESXi is the bomb. Kicks the crap out of VMware server, and its a good little intro for people looking into testing a Level 1 hypervisor. Just wish Vmotion wasnt so expensive for start up companies. Im anxious to see Suns xVM server, as apparently their free version supports live migration. I just hope it isnt limited to using a NAT network and a low 1440x900 resolution like VirtualkBox.
ESXi is good because if you ever want to upgrade to using VI3, you can. Saying that, xVM server should get you close to that. Hopefully, setting it up with an iSCSI San is as easy as it was with ESXi. I think setting up iSCSI with multipathing in ESXi is easier than in windows and Linux.

[quote]Thank you for your interest in the Sun xVM Server Early Access program.
We are currently in our first phase of the EA program. In the next few
weeks we will be opening up our next phase of the program. We will
contact you as soon as this next phase opens up. We will be sending you
updates and information on how you can participate in this next phase of
the xVM Server Early Access program.[/quote]

F*cking eh? Cant wait. Live migration is included au gratis. Should be fun, I cant afford the $20k for vmotion