Vnc support on Ignition 8?

Hi there,

We are taking some considerations to find out how early we could migrate to Ignition 8.
I would like to know if Perspective module supports VNC client connections as Mobile module does.
Among other goals, we are looking to run an Ignition client on a PanelViewPlus running Windows CE.

It does not. The mobile module and its infrastructure is gone. However, if you can run a relatively modern HTML5 browser on Windows CE, you can use Perspective that way.

Or… the ultimate hack: VNC to another machine with a modern browser!


Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your suggestion. I didn’t get working Zetakey Browser yet.
Where can I download VNCViewer for Windows CE 6.0 ?

It works fine with remote desktop connection.
We’ll need some kind of macro to be sure always connected and working on both sides.


I use efonvnc for WCE
and tightvnc for Windows

A few years ago I embedded the vnc viewer in the IE Activex components, and it looked great because I could monitor severals PC’s and HMI’s from Ignition, and it looked like a single app, but with the latest updates of the web browser module It’s not possible to run the vnc applet (tightvnc.jar)

Now I have Ignition on one window and another separate window with the vnc viewer, it really doesn’t look so good

It would be great to be able to embed the vnc viewer in the web browser component in both Vision and Perspective