Voice Alarming with Grandstream Choppy

I have two different systems, both using the voice notification module and a Grandstream HT-503. One system is Ignition 7.9.2 using the Katherine voice and the other system is Ignition 7.9.5 using the Salli voice. Both Grandstreams were setup using these instructions.

The issue is that the voice on both systems seems really choppy. It’s not always bad enough to be an issue, but sometimes the voice is so choppy that it’s impossible to understand. Are there any settings that can be changed in either Ignition or the Grandstream so that the voices sound clearer, or is this more of an issue with the server that Ignition is installed on and/or the network?

first thing I think when I hear choppy is ram. how much do you have in the server, how much is dedicated to the ignition gateway, and how much is the ignition gateway currently using?

If you aren’t using G1GC in your Ignition configuration, you will have problems with latency-induced choppiness. I don’t use the Voice module, so I can’t address it specifically, but there is a similar impact on my I/O driver module.

One server has 8gb of total RAM, 2gb is dedicated to the gateway, and it is currently using about 800mb.

The other server also has 8gb of total RAM, 4gb is dedicated to the gateway, and it is currently using about 1300mb

I tried placing a couple calls on both systems. It didn’t seem to place a significant load on either system.

I switched the garbage collector to G1GC on both servers and noticed a huge improvement in the voice quality. I’m going to monitor the performance of the servers and run some more tests over the next couple days, but I think this might have solved it.

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I enabled the following in ignition.conf (and restarted the gateway), but saw no improvement.


Can you remember if there was anything else you had to change?