Voice Alarms through Ignition

Once a alarm is set in Ignition is it possible for a voice message to be played on the speakers that are attached to the computer? :laughing:

Of course you can! Take a look at the Sound Player component

Did any of you play around with this?
I have a similar use for this. Essentially our widget factory is converting from an old analog
radio comms system to a new digital one. Where Maintenance/Engineering/Management/TechSupport/Materials/Quality/etc…etc…have radios strapped on and use to communicate as a team. The old analog radio system will be going away. What was used back then for alarming was a system called Ztron-----http://www.zetron.com/en-us/products/remotemonitoring/m1516alarmreporter.aspx

I would like to interface a PC to the new radio system where the mic is keyed up by ignition then the alarm is played through “salli” then ignition releases the mic key.
This thread has me thinking…Looking for feedback…
How did any of you make use of this…??

So the sound player needs wave files…Anyone have a demo of how to make the speech engine do this?

I was at v7.2 at the time. All the recording was done by yours truly using Audacity. I didn’t go to far with it. But it is fun to signal the end of a cycle with a Star Trek door chime… :laughing:

Now that I’ve finally gotten to 7.6, with 7.7 on the very near horizon, I’m hoping to get back into it a bit more…

Sorry I can’t be more help, yet. :frowning:

Recording a .wav file is easy enough and using ignition to trigger it was great; but that’s not what I was looking for. I want access to the speech engine in the voice notification module. In theory I will need to record several hundred alarms to programmatically use the radio alerting.
Thus rendering the voice alerting module a bad investment if I cant access “scripting to speech” through the speakers. I have to be missing something. If the voice notification is only for voip I sure do not need to purchase it…May the force be with us!!

Do you have any info for the new radio system?



KAS-10 FleetSync® & NEXEDGE® AVL & Messaging Software
with NEXEDGE Trunking VoIP Dispatch
Note: Users can chose to operate Messaging, AVL or VoIP or all three if desired. Compatible with
XP, VISTA & 7 and Microsoft®MapPoint®
2006/2009/2010 (certain format bitmap images
can be imported). Refer to KAS-10 product spec sheets and manuals for detials

Looks like it might even tie in with voip…???

it look like your link is not working, could you help pls
thank you Jordan,

It was just a link to the online documentation. The link above has been updated.

Again, this just plays a wav file. There’s no text-to-speech stuff going on.

Alternatively, I’ve also posted items on how to play an mp3 file here.