Voice Module Health?

We converted a system from WIN911 to using the Ignition Voice dial out and the customer would like the same “Heartbeat Alarm”. With WIN911 it is a service running on windows so we used the “Heartbeat” tag from WIN911 to alarm on SCADA when the dialout software was not running.

Just wondering if there is a need for that with the Voice Module? And if so how could we do such a thing since it is an Ignition module and not a windows service?

If you are talking about monitoring individual devices you can do that in a script by comparing now() vs the last update time of the tag. you would then need to set the value of a memory tag to make it go into alarm and then callout.

If you are talking about monitoring to make sure Ignition is still running, then I am not aware of a way to do that with the voice module. I think the voice module itself also lacks the ability of reporting its own status to ignition so that you can be alerted if something is wrong with it. I know for a fact if a call fails due to a subscription issue with skype there is no way of knowing if it is just someone not answering the call or if something is wrong with the module or skype. The entries in the audit log look exactly the same for either scenario.

I posted about this a while back.

inductiveautomation.com/forum/v … 72&t=15747

Diat… Yeah I was talking about monitoring Ignition to make sure the Voice / SMS Modules are still active and ready basically. We have not had that issue yet, but the customer needs to know if these won’t work as the plant is not monitored 24/7.

We do have a backup pager system that called out the operator on call if WIN911 stopped working, we may need to leave that in place just in case the alarm dialout does not work and make it page the operator on all alarms too.

Just they will get paged, called and texted if all 3 are working which may or may not make the operator happy :slight_smile:

yeah seems like IA would have some type of metric built in to monitor the health. Voice notification is usually very important and something that you would want to be notified on immediately if it isnt working.

Im not complaining about the reliability of the voice module itself, it has worked great. I have ran into subscription issues with skype because the way they do it is stupid.