Voice Notification Custom Message

I can’t figure out how to use the Alarm Custom Message with the voice module.

I see that the Alarm Notification script wants to use the {name} property, but simply populating the Custom Message property doesn’t seem to magically change the {name} property under the hood anywhere.

So I tried changing the script, trying {customMessage} , {Custom Message}, {voip.customMessage}, nothing seems to work there.

So then I tried a Set Property in the Pipeline, but the Custom Message property doesn’t seem to find it’s way to the Pipeline either.

How do I make this thing work?

After a few hours of testing, I’ve discovered how this thing works … and at times does not work.

First, most simply, if the Custom Message property is set, and is not bound, it will be included into the notification script as the {name} property. So in it’s most simple form it works great.

Things get a little more complicated when the Custom Message property is bound. In my case, I would like to bind it to a stringFormat of parent UDT parameters. Trying this doesn’t do what you would expect: the message script ends up getting the alarm name property, which isn’t so useful if you have a 100 UDT’s that each have some internal alarms.

Things get a little better if you simply bind the Custom Message property to a single UDT parameter. But in this case, the notification message script is completely replaced by the text from the binding, so lost is event time and state.

What to do? What to do?

Copying the Active Message script string into the Custom Message, replacing the {name} parameter (and adding others) seems to be what I want.