Voice Notification Dial #

I have two ways to dial out from my phone system. Dialing 8 masks the extension behind the main number. #8 Allows the DID to be passed through. I need to dial #8 so when Ignition calls people, they can put that number in their address books and know that it is an alarm. I am connecting to my Avaya system via SIP to dial out.

However, When I put # in front of the number, it won’t dial. It never even hits the phone system when I look at the console there. I eventually get a “Call has exceed it’s permitted lifespan” error on the console. Dialing #8 works through the phone system.

I can change the #8 code to make this work, but it begs the question why it doesn’t.

Anyone from IA want to give me any hints?


I don’t think there’s anything in Ignition preventing the use of that, though I’m at a loss as to why it would work from phones on that server and not Ignition. Try looking for the logger that ends with “Agent”, and turn it to debug before attempting a call. I think you’ll see that Ignition is, in fact, sending the INVITE message (I tried it on an asterisk server and it sent it, though I don’t immediately know what it would take to make a valid dial plan for it).


I don’t think this is an Ignition problem, but I’m still at a loss. I’ll update if/when I figure it out.