Voice Notification Issue

I am trying to set up voice notifications via our PBX gateway using SIP.
However, the alarm notification profile can not get past a “[403] Forbidden” status.
I downloaded X-Lite softphone and was able to register the account fine and make calls.
I downloaded the Peers softphone program (which I believe the voice notification module is based on) and get the same “403 Forbidden” response.

Is there a known issue with the module that would cause this to occur?
Any ideas how to overcome it?


I downloaded the source for Peers (0.5.1-SNAPSHOT) and modified the ChallengeManager class (in net.sourceforge.peers.sip.core.useragent) to get it to register/authenticate.
Here’s what was needed:

  1. remove all dash ("-") characters when creating the cnonce variable.
  2. remove quotes around the nc value (definitely necessary) and the qop value (may not be necessary) when constructing the authorization header.

Now, how can we go about getting these changes propagated into the Ignition Voice Notification module?

(we are running Ignition version 7.9.10, voice notification module version = 4.9.10 (b2018112821))

I don’t know a lot about the internals of the voice notification module, but I’ll make a ticket to get this in front of someone who does. Do you happen to have any background on why those changes were necessary?


I’ve actually since used Wireshark to capture the network packets from the voice notification profile, and noticed that it isn’t even sending the cnonce, nc, and qop parameters in the SIP authorization request. I guess the module is using a different/modified version of Peers.

To be honest I’m not completely sure why. We are using a NEC SIP server which I guess might just be a bit fussy regarding the protocol.