Voice notification over cellular gateway

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I have an Ignition server that sits between a cellular gateway with a static IP address and a couple of PLCs. I would like to demo the ability for Ignition to send voice alarm notifications through an cloud service. I looked at Twilio and they provided a demo credit and lots of documentation. Twilio looks promising but there are a lot of features and it looks like its it very developer centric whereas the Ignition gateway has many out of the box settings for connecting to SIP telephony systems. I looked at Skype but I also heard mixed reviews on this forum about capacity and getting booted from Skype without being informed by Skype.

Can anybody share with me what service they used to do this and which feature they used to deliver alarm notifications over SIP through a cloud service. Much appreciated.

Ive used 4 different ones. They seem to work fine for a while then something changes and it quits working and I move on to the next.


Its really weird. skype worked great for a while, then just wouldnt work anymore. Moved on to Axvoice, which worked great for a while, then wouldnt work. Freelycall was kind of hit or miss. Callcentric is what I am on now and so far so good, but it has only been a few weeks.

Great! If I picked Callcentric then can you please provide a rundown on how I get Ignition voice notification working with it? For example what do I sign up for, tips tricks and pitfalls. I just want to get up and running with something and demo the possibility for sending voice notifications through a cloud provider. Thanks!

Could TTS technologies like Amazon Polly be useful https://aws.amazon.com/polly/

Unfortunately this is not the solution unless you can explain how the AWS service will interface with the Ignition voice notification module.

This can be done using PubNub chat engine and Amazon Polly.

Come on, Pramanj. David’s asking for tips on deploying existing Ignition components. Suggesting he install a whole other server and blaze a new trail is a bit over the top.

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If it integrates with the ignition voice module in a simular way that a Grandstream does then I’m interested. But if it requires lots of custom Integration like scripting and API calls then I’ll pass. There is enough custom stuff with my projects. Im looking for an out of the box solution for Ignition integration with a Cloud based SIP to PSTN tool.

Doesn’t really require installation of whole new server, PubNub cloud service can be accessed thru Ignition gateway pythons scripts using one of their 70+sdk’s supported to publish messages to their cloud server. Their mobile push notifications or VOIP push notifications feature can then be leveraged.

But of course as David wants to deploy existing Ignition component "ignition voice module"perhaps this may not make sense. I was not aware of availability of this component in Ignition.

RingCentral is another service provider like Grandstream, perhaps their representative may be able to suggest if out of box integration with Ignition’s “Voice Notification Module” is possible.

I was able to get CallCentric to work with Ignition. Their support was awesome. They only do email support but the replies to my support tickets were super fast. The service also has good diagnostics and logging.


@David.Reed.Schmidt how has CallCentric worked out for you? Has it been reliable? Any issues that you’ve come across?

ive been using callcentric for years now and it has been the most reliable of the ones I listed above. Dont let their archaic website fool you, it works well.


@diat150 I’m new to SIP & VOIP, but with a service like callcentric do you just make an account, purchase the right plan and then are given an address & login that you can use with the Ignition Voice Module? Is it that easy?

yeah pretty much. purchase the plan and put the credentials in the ignition voice notification module.

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