Voice Notification using SIP


I’m am trying to send a Voice notification through a SIP account. Unsuccessful.

I’m using two different SIP accounts (one is Skype SIP, the other is an SIP from OVH) None of them is able to achieve a call when they are set in the Gateway.
I tried to use those SIP accounts with another software Zoiper and they (kind of) work correctly.

Using the OVH-SIP, the Console reads:

[code]Agent unexpected error

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Negative delay.[/code]
And the notification profile status is stuck to “Registering…”. I changed ALL parameters at least once and deleted/created the profile several time. It does change absolutely nothing.

So I tried another “popular” SIP solution. I created a new profile to this Skype solution and managed to get its status to “Registered with VOIP Host”.
But when it is about to notify, it fails and the console reads:

CallManager	Error state received from call manager. Reason: Forbidden [403]

I though it came from the number I was calling but :
I tried several syntax for the phone number without success
I tried to call the phone number, using this SIP server but using “Zoiper” and it works… with all phone number formats I previously used.

With all these tests, I’m can not manage to find where the problem comes from. One thing is certain : I have a working combination of SIP Server (Skype) / Phone number that I cannot make to work on Ignition.

Does anyone have already (successfully) set a SIP Server (Skype or other) for Voice notification on Ignition? If yes, is there any particular parameter that I may have not seen?

I have the feeling that it should be easy but I can not figure how to make it work.

I can provide logs and screenshots if needed.

Thank you in advance.

Did you get this to worK? I’m in about the same boat. Our phone system folks have given me SIP credentials and it is at least registering with Zoiper.

I use skype and it works great.

I dont remember doing anything special outside of filling in the gateway address, username and password.