Voice Notification Woes

I’ve experienced alot of difficulty here.

After dealing with a bad module download, and getting a voice installed on the third try it now gets a call manager response of “Not Found [404]” using both Skype and the the Atcom.

Not pleased with this experience.

Also nice to find out the atcom needs a analog trunk module after waiting four weeks to get the thing from China. (Really not happy about that one.)


The 404, which is a response from the VOIP server, seems to be used in a few different ways, though the primary meaning is usually “invalid phone number”. In the case of the atcom box, it could potentially also mean that a dialplan wasn’t found that matched the number.

Try the following:

  • Make sure to include the country code in your phone number (like 19165555555)
  • Don’t put dashes in the phone number (asterisk/atcom doesn’t mind, but apparently skype does)

Skype is a little more straight forward, since you don’t need a “dialplan”, so if you get that working, and the atcom box still doesn’t work, we can look in that direction.