Voice notifications to local computer speakers

I have been playing with the alarms and can see that they are quite powerful, one question though.

Pronunciation of English alarms has always been an issue when speaking in technical terms, sometimes its nice to be able to play the voice alarm back to hear what its going to sound like and tweak the phonetic spelling to suit your particular requirements.

I suggest either a notification block in the pipeline that sends the audio stream to your speakers or a similar test notification page from the gateway console that can send dummy alarms and have them play back.

I guess if you had the notification block that sent them to speakers it could be used for testing as well as an actual computer that speaks out alarms while they are active.

Perhaps one day you could even extend this idea to make a computer (client) running ignition an entry in the roster so that you could send spoken / audible alerts to it and alert people in the area.

For now just a way to test what the TTS sounds like speaking my particular alarm would be great though!


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve had a similar thought, and envisioned the feature request for console based enunciation as well. Not sure when we’ll be able to make it happen, but at least we’ve structured things so that it’s possible.

The first challenge is where to put this. Given that the voice notification is only one type of “pluggable” profile, the UI isn’t really set up to handle more complicated features like this. Your idea of a new type of notification block/profile could work, and even though it doesn’t go out to the clients, some people might just want to hook up the gateway machine to a PA. We might also be able to put something into the gateway, on the notification profile.

The next thing we need to look into is the fact that the voice engine supports various options for pronunciation tweaking and text “normalization” (where things like “@” are automatically converted to “at”). We should probably make it possible to edit these entries, so that your alarm names, display paths, and custom messages can stay as normal as possible, and your adjustments go into a centralized table and are applied automatically.


Yes I was thinking about the whole PA thing too but didn’t want to complicate things. I guess the client side playback gets a bit more tricky, I would prefer to be able to play alarms from the streaming client though. It would be nice if each client computer could be setup as a contact for rostered playback in some future version.

This would tie in nicely to the whole simultaneous / sequential escalation block options you were discussing in a previous post as you could have a computer on the shop floor yell out alerts but if they were not acknowledged then a management or maintenance console could be escalated to yell out the same alert. Of course you have to be able to handle the computer not being on to serve the request but that would be the same as a phone not being on to receive a phone call I guess.

Anyway, back on topic - for now I have been going to the ivona website and selecting the voice I want and just typing in the alarms to get playback through my browser.

I wasn’t aware of the customisations though, perhaps ill download the android application and see if the same settings / tweaks are available there so that I can sift through them to look for anything helpful.

For anyone interested, the Ivona android app (for phones and tablets) looks to be free. Might be a good way to double check things are speaking how you hoped.


I have actually worked on scripting into the voice module. I have it sending “message strings” on alarm tag changes.
Had to create a gateway “listener” and a client event script. I can post some of it if you like. My particular application uses the serial port open/close to trigger the push to talk on a Ken-wood base station radio which then broadcasts to all the maintenance personnel. I would like to be able to “slow Katherine down” just a little bit…

I would be very interested in what you have scripted. I have been considering a similar implementation and would much prefer building on an existing base.


anyone could kindly show me how to setup my alarm notification via local computer speakers?
thank you?

This would be awesome if I could do this. Does anyone have any examples of this?

I will try to remember to post a write up on how to do this tomorrow

I used the “messaging system”
You have to have a gateway message handler script.

Then you will need a client that has speakers you can play the audio payload with:
It will need a “client message handler script”:

Then to utilize the system on the tags that you want to configure the alarms for:

You will want to configure the Active and Cleared both. The tags will of course have to have an alarm configured in the tag properties nothing out of the ordinary for that but it does need an alarm.
For the clear:

There are some other general notes.In my receive alarm scripts I use the com port literally as a low voltage switch that engages a “Touch To Talk” microphone on a ken-wood brand base station.
I had to engineer a very custom cable to get the audio out the 3 mm headphone jack to the audio line of the base station.
Your mileage may vary on your purpose and intent. It does WORK though.
What you get from this are System event triggered audible alarms. It has been working in my application for several years now. I haven’t spent anymore time looking for a “cleaner solution” because this one works for us. By now I would imagine there would be some module that could be purchase that could do this out the box maybe but The way we use it works and I maintain it.
I do also have a little script running on the PC that once a day deletes all the temp .WAV files but that isn’t done with Ignition.

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This is fantastic.

I just now noticed it

Thank you, thank you

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