Voice Notify, premature script start, Grandstream


Looking for some help on a pesky problem. When an alarm is sent the Voice Notification module, Ignition begins its script “…Press Any Key to Continue” before the recipient actually answers the call.

Ignition 7.8.1, Voice Module 3.8.1, …salli 2.8.0, (VOIP) Grandstream GWX-4104

I’ve used the Ignition HT-503 doc and translated the settings as best as possible, but the two devices are different. Everything else seems to work well, just half the time Ignition is already done with saying hello.

There are “Ringback” tones I’ve played with in an effort to solve the issue, but no effect so far.

From the Console:
–CallManager Call Manager Event: ringing
(2 seconds later)
–CallManager Call Manager event: callee pickup

Thanks ahead of time,

Thanks to Greg for pointing me the right direction on this issue. It’s a setting I missed while translating the HT-503 setup guide to the GXW-4104, the “Number of Rings Before Pickup”, whose default is 4, should be 1. Thanks again to the Ignition Support Staff.