VOIP Notification Profile - Registration Issues

Hi everyone,
I am in the process of trialing Ignition for use as a notification server, specifically for Voice notifications via SIP.
I have been unable to get the notification profile to connect to my 3CX server;
If I use a password, I get a “Method Not Allowed [405]” error and the same in the log.
If I leave the password blank, I get a “Registered with VOIP Host” but I don’t get the same confirmation on the 3CX server end.
I have a Zoiper client on the same machine connected to the 3CX server, as well as a Win911 server, which both show as registered on the 3CX server, both using password authentication.

If I try to run a test alarm while the notification profile is connected without a password; Ignition will get to “Notifying user ‘xxxx’ (1 of 1)” then drop back to “Evaluation Complete” after 60s. In the log, I get “Call has exceeded its permitted lifespan, cancelling.”

I have set all of the ID and extension details in the 3CX server to the same number to make things simple.

Does anyone have any tricks that they can think of that may work?


@adrian.zatta Did you ever get 3CX to connect to Ignition? If so, what process did you follow? Thank you

Hi @abaker,
Sorry but no. I was only trialing Ignition and 3CX. Since I couldn’t get it working, I just left it and moved onto something else.