VoIP notification - Shelve alarms

A customer wants to be able to shelve alarms by use of the VoIP Notifiactions we are already using.
But as far as I can see from the manual, the only options is to either acknowledge or ignore the alarms? Is there no way to add or remove the

Does anyone know of ways to implement shelving via VoIP?

Love stumbling upon discussions like this, especially when they involve innovative solutions like integrating VOIP for alarm notifications. It’s like adding a turbo boost to your alarm system! As for shelve alarms, what a nifty feature for handling alarms in a more organized and efficient manner, particularly beneficial for small business juggling multiple tasks. It's like having a pause button for your alarms, giving you time to deal with them when it suits you best. Personally, I believe it’s all about flexibility and control, two things every small business owner dreams of having more of! But hey, that’s just my two cents.