VOIP/SIP Connection Status

Recently I have set several critical alarms to notify critical personnel through a VOIP notification profile. In the past however, I have seen issues where our SIP gateway at our enterprise level goes down. I am worried that if this happens and a critical alarm triggers that no-one will be notified. My question is, if the SIP gateway goes down or the ignition gateway loses connection to the SIP gateway will the VOIP notification profile throw a fault and if so is there a way to monitor this connection in a way similar to how there are system tags for database connection?

I havent found a good way of doing this. I would recommend setting up backup email and/or text for every voice alarm.

Has anyone got an idea on how to monitor the connection status of the Gateway. I am using an ATCOM IP02. Every once in a while it crashes and needs rebooted. I would like to setup an alarm when the connection state drops out. Any ideas?