VPN Device for Remote Access

Can someone suggest a VPN device for remote troubleshooting?

I have a cell router that fails over to satellite and when on satellite we don’t have a static IP address. Is there a device that I can add to the LAN side to allow me to VPN into that network that has internet access without a static IP?

We have had good results with the EWON Cosy131.

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Were there ever any networking issues encountered with this?

We use these, albeit the wifi version.. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/communications/industrial_iot_solutions/remote_access_-z-_data/se-sl3001

You connect to the vpn via their webpage. They limit the free data to 5gb, but you can pay more after that. I've never passed 5gb so unsure of costs over that. We use it for 'emergency' access for when we need to access a PLC etc to help out remotely.

We are using Ixon for three years now without any issue.

Fully cloud base and very powerful and lot of features for the base price.

The StrideLinx product from AutomationDirect that @craigb linked uses the IXON cloud infrastructure.


that's good to know, I was not aware of.

thanks Phil

Likewise, now I look at the IXON website I see the similarities, in fact the web portal is identical.

For me, they just work. I don't use all the functions, I just log in, click connect and I can connect to the PLC like it was sat beside me on the desk. I have a Pi in the same control panel hosting ignition edge I can also pull up the perspective project. Its a big help for remote trouble shooting being able to see the HMI as if you were stood by the machine.

Set up is easy too, download your config file from the web portal, copy it to usb and plug it in the router.

what I liked the most when I switched from ewon to ixon was the fact that you are not limited by the amount of user logged at the same time on the device.

or that you don't need to pay extra money for extra users.



I use OpenVPN, too, but it isn't actually a device.

No, but sometimes the Cell Modem/Router has the means embedded to be an OpenVPN Client.

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I've almost never found that to be sufficient for large-scale maintenance access to endpoints, particularly if many endpoints have duplicate local subnets. Working with such situations generally requires some form of layer 2 encapsulation (Linux gretap or equivalent) to bind far-separated LANs into what appears to be a single LAN. Devices like the eWon and its competitors do this with their proprietary application software. I do it with Linux endpoints. It's exceedingly non-trivial to roll one's own.

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Thank you! You are far more knowledegable on this matter than I ever will be. That is why I always listen to what you say.