VS Code vs IntelliJ IDEA

I’m getting ready to build my first module, and wondering about pros and cons of VS Code vs IntelliJ IDEA. Anyone using VS Code?

Note, this module will initially be built for v7.9.

Any other noob tips?

Highly recommend IntelliJ. VS Code is a fine editor, but IntelliJ is nigh-unto-magic for use with Java. I don’t have much personal experience with VS Code (and none using it for Java) but I doubt it approaches IntelliJ’s capabilities when working entirely within Java. I know a few of the frontend devs here use it for JS/TS projects, but I think every dev who works primarily with Java uses IntelliJ.


No love for Eclipse?

{ Yes, that’s what I use… }

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I use VS Code for a number of things. It has all sorts of handy extensions. I have written a number of simple Java text file parsers and converters with it. I find it very easy to write and run single file stuff in it. I have not done a large project with it.

I have used InteliJ a little and Eclipse a lot. From what I understand InteliJ is the better of the two and the most popular. Next Java project I do I want to try InteliJ.

They’re are not really apples to apples. InteliJ is a full blown IDE. VS Code is a text editor, albeit a fancy one. You may be able to approach the capabilities of an IDE with enough extensions but out of the box VS Code does not compare.

As for noob tips, use InteliJ or Eclipse. IDEs exist for a reason and are helpful. Once you get used to the anatomy of a Java project and the tools in the IDE you should try going at it with a text editor and command line. I am not comfortable enough to attempt a large project outside of an IDE but I prefer it for simple stuff.

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Life is too short. Eclipse is a nice comfy environment that does everything I want. I’ll learn something else when that is no longer true.

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