VS Code vs Theia

Just saw this announcement about the Eclipse Foundation's Theia project, a mostly compatible alternative to VS code, without the telemetry:

Have any of the VS Code fans out there tried this? Or plan to?

I do use VS Code as an occasional editor, not an IDE, but haven't looked at Theia in years.

There's VSCodium if you want VS Code sans telemetry: GitHub - VSCodium/vscodium: binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing


Not a VScode fan, but I do use it. Pretty much like Kevin, as an editor and not an IDE.
I used to use Sublime text, but VScode had a few things that made things easier (essentially colleagues/teammates who used it) so I eventually got used to it and stuck with it.

I'll give Theia a shot and report back (if I remember to do so).

I use VScode, seems that theia offers more abilties to customize things.
I dont really see the point of that to much, i have not really run into issues with vscode that would require me to change them.
Some things are maybe a bit slow in vscode, which i suppose theia could eventualy do faster since it offers more customize (and so optimize) potentials.
But i think that will require the communities plugin creatores to do some work first.

Theia claims to support VSCode plugins/extensions.

More importantly:

  • Theia does no telemetry

  • Theia does no forced updates

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Yeah but you need new ones to Theia to become interesting enough to switch over to it.

I have never noticed vscode updating.

i had to google what telemetry means xd i dont realy care about that either


That's the worst thing about modern Microsoft. The primary reason I avoid MS like the plague.

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Mind you, english is my thrid langague so i guess running into some rare advanced words still happends from time to time xd

And eh, it has pro's and cons


I've been using VSCodium (VSCode without the telemetry) for years - anyone have a suggestion on Theia vs VSCodium?

And yes, uninvited data collection is a plague.

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Whenever you see telemetry just think "spyware"


Collecting user experience data, is valuable for designing an intuative and user friendly product.
But ofc it should have its limits on what it tracks

Forced updates for vs just became available:

The microsoft community has had some interesting things to say about it:

Note that Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are not the same thing.

Yeah, I am aware of the difference. FWIW, I have a barely-used subscription to Visual Studio for the occasional conversion task.