W7 Desktop Shortcut Icons (Viewer, Designer) Disappearance

I noticed, that Ignition Logo icon from Windows 7 Desktop Shortcuts for Designer and (some) Projects sometimes disappear (and is replaced by first icon from W7 palette of icons) forever. Even then the shortcut works OK, only icon graphic is changed from Ignition logo to W7 common (first of the palette) icon.

QUESTION: When the replacing of Designer/View icon occurs and why? Sometimes I noticed that restart of IG machine causes replacing of shortcut icon graphics.

If the project is launched for the first time, it downloads from IG to local Java Cache (the launching lasts longer). Then this project is already launched from a local cache. But sometimes the project is redownloaded and creates a new shortcut for the same project.


  1. When the project is redownloaded from IG to local machine and creates a new desktop icon (nevertheless the same project has already been downloaded and has icon on desktop)?
    Only this (second download) of the project is in Windows Programs Uninstall list.

  2. Is it (only) a change of the Project Default Launch “method” (Windowed, Full Screen) causing redownloading and creating another new icon for the same project?

  3. Is it possible to force redownloading of the project?

  4. How to correctly “uninstall” the project which already isn’t in Windows Programs Uninstall list?

You’ll learn a lot by Googling “Java Web Start” or JWS and your questions about shortcuts, uninstalling, etc. You can clear the Java cache to remove everything in the Java Control Panel, under the Windows Control Panel.

The image below shows Java Control Panel (General Tab) → View…, which allows you to selectively remove Java apps (Ignition Project Runtime instances).