Wacky behavior from embedded views

My ignition is running on a centOS vm with the latest stable release 8.0.1
I am developing on a windows 7 computer.

I have a svg for a motor that I am trying to use to indicate with color change if it running or faulted…
I set said motor svg at 45 degrees to make it vertical it its view.

and how it is displayed when embedded in a view.

params not working correctly once embedded…
examples of working before embeded to another view:

once embedded params of view don’t seem to make a difference.

But changing the parameters of the original instance seems to still change the animation of the embedded view.

notice the state of the views params…

but yet more weirdness as it seems its only the Aux param demonstrating this behavior and other params working as expected.

This is exceptionally “wacky” behavior, as it seems like Params across the board had been shored-up pretty well.

To help trouble shoot, could you place a Property Change script on the parameter in question and simply have it log the old and new values?

Right-click the Aux param in the Chiller View and select “Add Property Change Script”.

system.util.getLogger('QAHELP').info('Old value: \'{0}\' | New Value: \'{1}\''.format(previousValue.value, currentValue.value))

Close the View which actually contains the Chiller Embedded View.
Save your project.
Check your logs so you have an idea of the current state of properties.
Open the View which contains the Chiller Embedded View.
Check the logs again to see what values are being passed/set/read.

Also, double check that you haven’t bi-directionally bound a property to the Chiller.params.Aux property, because while you can’t directly bind incoming params through the UI, we can’t prevent you from accidentally bi-directionally binding some other property to the param.

It seems resetting the parameter direction allowed it to work. Though it was originally was set to input, after toggling it through its options and settling back on input I have achieved independent instances.

Though I had to open and close the parent window because initially I received this error:
WebSocketChannel 09May2019 11:11:59 Websocket connection closed unexpectedly. code=1007, reason=java.util.zip.DataFormatException: invalid distance too far back

When toggling the aux param on the embedded window, after resetting the parameter direction(back again to input) the log displayed what I imagine you would expect to see.

Logger Time Message
QAHELP 09May2019 11:13:14 Old value: ‘0’
QAHELP 09May2019 11:13:00 Old value: ‘1’
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