WAN exposed Gateway

Via google search, I have identified an ignition gateway that is running 7.7.5 and running exposed to general internet. It is licensed, but I do not know the license number, only the domain it is running at.
The login is at least not default
1: In general this seems like a bad idea, I would tend to think ignition is better accessed via VPN
2: It looks like a small company, <15 people, in Canada. May not have good IT resources.
I did reach out to my account rep in hopes that inductive has contact info and can suggest that this is a bad idea.
Am I wrong about thinking there is no real reason to have a gateway accessible by WAN?

I wouldn’t quite say no real reason (e.g. our demo) but I would agree that for any infrastructure running actual equipment you want as many layers of access control as possible.

Kudos for contacting the sales rep. There’s probably not much more to do.

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