Want to combine data and time input

I use two DateTimeInput component’s. 1 shows only date and 2 shows time only.
I want to combine data and time and show this on label.
I do this but return type is a string not a date and time
concat(dateFormat({…/DateTimeInput.props.formattedValue},“YYYY-MM-dd”),dateFormat({…/DateTimeInput_0.props.formattedValue}," HH:mm"))

I also use
toDate(concat(dateFormat({…/DateTimeInput.props.formattedValue},“YYYY-MM-dd”),dateFormat({…/DateTimeInput_0.props.formattedValue}," HH:mm")))
but shows error

so can we return the date time parameter after combining two datetime components
with this I am attaching image

thank you

toDate(concat(dateFormat({../DateTimeInput.props.value},"YYYY-MM-dd"),dateFormat({../DateTimeInput_0.props.value}," HH:mm:ss")))
will get a date type
you can then (if you dont want the seconds) do a format to string again for the label
dateFormat({../DateTimeInput_1.props.value},'YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm')

Hello tested but following error occur please check image

its working for me

Please can you tell me the return type .is it string or datetime?

Hello Victordcq
Thank you very much it works

i said it was date(time) type

Ah good that it works, please mark the solution^^