Want to search number from multiple flex repeater on 3 different screen

I have screen containing multiple flex repeater and I want to search any number among 3 screens and the number should highlight.
eg. Here I am searching 48 number, 1st It will search on 1st tab, if 48 number is not present then it will search on 2nd tab like wise 3rd tab.
where ever result found it will navigate to that particular tab and highlight the number.

Here I am able to Search and navigate the tab.

But Problem is when the result is on different screen, In that case it is navigating to that particular screen but It is not highlighting the number.
I have checked by printing the messages, I found that when we are navigating to other screen the flex repeater data yet to be load, so it is checking for current tab data for not checking navigated tab data.
Is there any event through that we get to know that screen is completed loaded and when that screen is loaded then I can call ‘search’ handler.

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Does loading take that long for you to be able to open the popup and search?
You might rather look to speed that up instead of a work around, as i dont think it will be that easy to find that out

I’m interested in the IA guys’ response to this, as I have often wondered how I would do this (ie run a script once a screen is fully loaded)

Populate a custom property with the search value, use style binding to change the background color for items that equal the custom property.

It is just taking max 5 sec to load, but search handler is executing before that.

I dont think there is such a thing for ignition.
It exsists kinda for react, but igntions bindings trigger after that and come from the gateway causing the components to change again and there isnt really a way (that i could think of) to know when that is done.

okay, Thanks for your reply.