Want to set format to Text Field componant

Hi, I need help, I want to set string format to Text Field componant in perspective
The string have to be this way:

There will be multiple key value pairs.
Can anyone help me for this?
Thanks in advance.

Are these key-value pairs in a dataset? If so, you might be able to do something with groupConcat and concat in the expression language.

I want to create json string using this parameters.
From backend scripting I am adding {} brackets to these parameters.
user should enter parameters like that way so I can create json string.

I see, so all these values are being entered by the user then? I don’t think you can dynamically add key-value pairs to a Object type custom property so someone correct me if I am wrong. I also don’t know how else you would keep a consistent json object.

Personally, I would probably probably insert each parameter-value into a dataset formed like the following

paramter                 value                    paramtervalue
paramter1              value1                   paramter1:value

Then to display ALL paramter/value pairs, you would just need to do groupConcat(dataset, paramterValue, ",") to display them all in a text field.

You would have to then convert the dataset to json for whatever you need later on. But having a dataset -> json conversion function is probably a good idea in general.

Okay, will try this way.
Thanks for your reply.