Wanting to use the same Multi Trend Desktop view

Hello all!

I wanted to know how I could fix this error. Currently, this desktop window called “Multi Trend” is a window that I used to help with Multi-Monitored Clients and it opens two different ways: First, is after a right-click selection is made and Secondly, when a button is clicked. How can I use the same desktop window “Multi Trend” to open up the same stuff? I just wanted the desktop window to open in two separate ways but I am getting this error. Do I only need to call system.gui.openDesktop(windows = [’________’], title = “Multi Trend”, handle = “Multi Trend”) once on one of those two separate ways of opening the desktop window?

Use system.gui.getDesktopHandles in both scripts to check if the secondary desktop is already open before you attempt to open it again: