.war deployment in module


I’ve got a client with a jsp/.war program running on tomcat on another server. It would be awesome if I could free up a server for them and run that on Ignition/Jetty.

I know the Gateway Context has an .addServlet method, but what do I do about a .war would expect a servlet container, not a servlet right? Do I need to look through the source code in the original project and modify it to mount as a servlet?

Yeah, getting this app to run as a simple servlet that you can add via the API is pretty much the only chance you have at getting this running.

Bummer. What does that mean for frameworks like Jersey that expect to run on a servlet container? Same thing?

Ignition does not provide any kind of container environment to run in. I wouldn’t expect any of these types of frameworks to run properly.

The memory pressure from Ignition alone is bad enough, the last thing we want is a bunch of other services that we have no control over running on the same process. What a nightmare.

Ok yeah that makes perfect sense. Thanks Kevin!