[Warning in Logs]internaljson

v8.0.13. Our logs are LOADED with warnings like so:

“Invalid configuration type heirarchy for node ‘0d64455e-2a7f-460a-ae78-c058a2d2ac6a.fc220902-30e3-466b-acac-ae8e54ea2c0b’. Parent entity ‘0d64455e-2a7f-460a-ae78-c058a2d2ac6a’ was not found, or not loaded in the correct order.”

Any ideas what this is from? There are 21 of these warnings that occur every 10 seconds.

Best guess is that a UDT was deleted at some point. But figuring out which one is really painful without digging thru the internal database. Your best bet is to contact IA Support and be prepared to hand over a tag export or a gateway backup. They should be able to untangle it or at least offer some idea of what is missing.

Issue ended up being related to the Backup Gateway. The synchronization status was out of date. Resolved by rebooting each gateway, changing the mode from Master to Independent and back to Master. This allowed the sync status to fully update.