Warning message in CONSOLE

I have this message in the console each time the scan class linked with my OPC DA server:

15:10:11 COMSubscription [READWRITESUB] Failed to add 1 items to the subscription- error codes were returned from the OPC server. To see the codes, change the log level to debug and re-initialize the items.

I know how to change the log level to debug but I don’t understand ‘…re-initialize the items’ . What are the items and how do I reinitialize them ?

Hi Fabrice,

Which DA server are you using? For servers like Kepware, there is usually an option to re-initialize, which essentially restarts the OPC server. Do you see an option like that in your DA server?

Hi Fabrice,

It is also possible that you can simply do an Edit/Save for your DA connection in the Gateway. That should trigger the errors to show up in your console assuming you’ve already set the logging level to debug.

I am also receiving this message. We are using the Ignition OPC COM module connecting to DeltaV. Since this is a production system, I can’t just reinitialize tags. I would assume that based on the comments here, that would mean to restart the OPC-COM module?