Wasp Barcode Scanner Configuration

We are changing to Wasp Scanners from the Symbol ones we have had for years. I have tried to set it up for the Barcode Scanner Module but haven’t had any luck. Is there anyone who has configured this type to the module? I looked through the topics and haven’t found anything. Thanks.

Are you asking about programming the scanner or the module? The latter was covered pretty well in your other post

EDIT: Ah, I see you mean the scanner. I will check into it

What is the model number of your scanner

Yeah the wasp is the problem. I added a prefix and did not work at all as it just added it the beginning of the data. The log does tell me it sees a possible preamble of //u002a. I changed my module to that and it still shows false for handling. It is a wasp WWS750 base with wireless scanner.

I use a question mark as my preamble character, and adding it to the front of the barcode is what it is supposed to do. So if your preamble is a ? and the barcode is 123456, then the scan will enter
?123456. Setup your preamble again, make sure they match in the scanner and module, then check the separator character and make sure it matches. Also, some barcode scanners allow you to program the prefix character to a certain barcode type only. I programmed mine to add the prefix to all barcode types (39,128,etc)

Okay, that makes since. I will try and will let you know. Thanks.

I cannot tell what the separator is for this scanner. Mine is set for default of \u001D. And when I put in the preamble/prefix, it shows up in the string.

Program it for a new line suffix. Basically it presses enter after the scan. You can test it by opening notepad or word or some text editor and scan your barcode. If the cursor is on the next line then the new line suffix is in the scan. then set your separator character to \u000a

It scans exactly what is on the barcode on the notepad and goes to the next line. Here is my log. It acts like its the script but it works fine for my other scanner.

ConsoleLog.txt (30.5 KB)

Your logs show that it is looking for a preamble of \u000a which it didn’t find until your scan entered the new line at the end, after that there was no keystrokes to buffer. If you are using the ? preamble, make sure you set it to \u003f, and \u000a for the separator. Double check to make sure the changes are in the component entry boxes and save it. I had it not take the new entry a few times because I didn’t hit enter to submit the change. It will revert to what was already in there without hitting enter.

This was the fix. Sorry been out due to the hurricane. I did not have my separator set correctly. Thanks.

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