.wav for Sound Player Component

I am looking for a .wav file for the sound player component. Specifically, I am in search for an alarm style beep or siren. Does anyone know of a good location where I can find simple .wav files?

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Any Code 3 retailer such as Galls ( noted hearing protection ) should have sample sounds on their site or be able to direct you to where they can be obtained with the word ‘demo’. Because some sounds are copyrighted/patented/trademarked or just trade secrets- you need to think about where they will be used. Obtaining an inexpensive device such as a ‘clearance’ siren should allow you to capture the sound on your own PC with the appropriate additional hardware- eg. PC ‘gamer’ microphone and items to make a mobile siren work- car battery or jump-start box, speaker to match ( these can be a lot different for high-power sirens- just ask about impedance and keep the output level way down- hence earplugs- or you can burn the speaker up ). Again, Google Code 3 for siren resellers eg. Galls, Whelan, etc.