Way to "catch" when reconnect to gateway happens?

Just a question about how Ignition works under the hood here. When a gateway connection is lost, and the red overlays appear, and then the connection is restored - is this an event that can be captured like a propertyChange? Say for instance I wanted to log when gateway disconnects/restores happen - would there be any way to do this?

Related, say a table using a data query is building the rows and we get a gateway connection in the middle of it - will it succeed as long as it got all the data? Does all the data come in one bunch, or is it possible the gateway connection truncates what the table will show? And when the connection is restored, what sort of recovery does the client application do?

You can, using unsupported SDK methods. Specifically, you can construct your own PropertyChangeListener and attach it to the single instance of the GatewayConnectionManager. Watch for changes to the “connectionMode” property (an integer). When equal to 3, you are connected. Other values are various states of disconnection.

Connection breakage breaks serialization in an all-or-nothing form. So no, you should not get truncated results.

Hmm. Don’t know.

Probably none. Once connection is restored, depending on settings the binding that backs the table might fire again, which would then issue a fresh request. There’s not really anything in the client <-> gateway comm loop that would attempt to re-send data.