Way to copy named query parameters?

Been converting a bunch of queries to named queries recently. I will make my INSERT statement, add my 20 or 40 or however many parameters required for the columns. Then I will make a UPDATE statement, all the same parameters/parameter names, but I have to type them all in again.

I don’t know if there’s some clever way to copy/paste parameters from one named query to another, but given I still have many more tables and insert/update statements to go, a way to mitigate some of the repetitiveness would be nice. Not to mention, it would help avoid typos.

Dunno about clever, but once I have a Named Query created that has several common parameters, I just copy and paste the entire Named Query over and over. Then I just rename the query and change the query itself in each one.


Hah. Duh doy. Why didn’t I think of that? Been a long day…


If you’re on a new enough version, named query parameters are just attributes of the resource.json file on disk.