Way to get SQL highlighting like SQL Query Browser?

Using 8.1.25.

I am making a project to manage an un-normalized database which is never going to be normalized due to multiple downstream services relying on the current shape of it, one schema per plant.

My project is a SQL generator, one example is if I want to add a column to a table, I have to do an ALTER TABLE {schema}.SomeTable ADD someColum INT; and then I iterate through all 50ish schemas and create a SQL script I can run in SSMS, one ALTER statement per schema.

This works fine, but in my vision project what would be just a nice little extra, would be if in my text areas I got the same highlighting that happens in the named queries or the SQL Query Browser where keywords where highlighted blue. Is this possible and how?

No, we (or you) would need to add some kind of code editor Vision component.

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Ok fair enough, not worth that much trouble.