Way to insert a row in a column container?

I have a view that uses a column container, with a bunch of rows. I am tasked with adding a new component, in a new row, near the top. I can’t find a way to insert a new row, so right now its looking like I have to start moving everything piece meal one row at a time. Is there a better way to do this? If not, consider this my submission for a feature to be able to insert rows in column containers.

It’s a worthwhile feature request, but in the meantime - edit the view JSON in a text editor? Probably both faster and less error-prone.

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Clever. Works. To anyone else attempting this though make sure you do what I did - find your LAST row in your view - mine was 6. Then add 1 to it, and continue, counting dowwards, until you hit where you want a new row. I wanted a new row at rowIndex 1, so I had to do the followng

SEARCH: "rowIndex": 6
REPLACE: "rowIndex: 7

SEARCH: "rowIndex": 5
REPLACE: "rowIndex: 6

SEARCH: "rowIndex": 4
REPLACE: "rowIndex: 5

SEARCH: "rowIndex": 3
REPLACE: "rowIndex: 4

SEARCH: "rowIndex": 2
REPLACE: "rowIndex: 3

SEARCH: "rowIndex": 1
REPLACE: "rowIndex: 2

After that I saved the file, opened up the view in Designer and I had a new row where I wanted.

If you’re views are complicated though - like you have a component on row X for Mediium but row Y for Large, this method might cause more complications than its worth.