Way to make a checkbox uneditable, but no grayed out?

I’m using check boxes to display some data. The checkboxes only show what is retrieved by the database, they should not be editable. However, it seems like the only way to make them uneditable is to make them disabled, which then grays them out. Is there a property to keep how they look visually when they are enabled, but have then uneditable? Using Ignition 7.9.1.

You can also give a border and a background to a label component (that gives more styling opportunities).

And the text component also has an “editable” flag, which leaves some more options open w.r.t. styling.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I read “TextBox” instead of checkbox. That’s a harder problem indeed. But I believe there are better ways to show on/off state than a checkbox. Having a label with a lowered/raised bevel border may be clearer (you can bind borders to tags via expressions).

It’s ok. Yea I would rather not use checkboxes but everything else on the page IS a checkbox and editable, and the client wants it to stay consistent. I have a property that determines which of the 4 checkboxes is suppsoed to be checked so I can probably script it with that.

You could cover the entire area the checkboxes are with a transparent rectangle object. In the rectangles mouse clicked event, print something like

print "Check Box Read Only"

This just captures the input before letting the checkbox get it.

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Clever and easy. I like it.

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