Way to print into designer output console in perspective events

I have found that it is possible to print into a log file of the gateway using system.util.getLogger().
Using normal python print command doesn’t seem to work in this case and I suspect that it is because all the code is running on the server.

Is there any other way to get log printing into designers output console?

Perspective’s events really are running in the gateway. There’s no connection between the gateway’s logger and the logger’s in each designer and vision client. IA would have to implement some form of log forwarding. Sounds like an idea…

There’s actually already a PR, waiting on QA, to add a system.perspective.print function, which prints from the running session into the browser console (which, if you’re in the designer, also then gets sent to the standard output console).


Awesome you guys finally added that! Will we be able to see it from the native apps too?

The PR in question does not address native applications, only the Designer and browser.

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Thanks :slight_smile: