Way to see differences between two windows?

Working on a project with another designer where we cannot work off the same gateway. We had a situation where we both had to work on the same window. I wanted to know if anyone has aprebuilt solution for seeing the differences between the two windows? For instance in my designer say I have two windows Inventory and Inventory 2. I’d like to see what components/custom properties exist in one but not the other. But I’d also like to know if there was any extension script changes - ie this onAction extension for this button has an extra line.

I know how to iterate through the components and though kind of difficult, I can see how to get the differences in components/custom properties done. However, I don’t know how or if its possible to do the second part - getting the jython script associated with extension functions, and then also being able differences.

I do only want to run this function in designer as its meant to be a development aid. Is the second aspect of this - parsing event scripts for differences - possible or a fools errand?

The closest you’d get would be to diff the XML you obtain from shift-right-click on the window in the designer tree. Unfortunately, that XML is not diff-friendly. At all. ):

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That’s too bad, but I’m glad to know it’s not possible before continuing down this path.